Arturia Brass pack Arturia Brass screenshot

BRASS 2.0 is a new kind of virtual instrument based on a physical modeling technology. It emulates a Trumpet, a Trombone and a Saxophone. All the characteristics of the real instruments have been analyzed and modeled through extensive research at world-renowned IRCAM institute. Arturia has partnered with this highly skilled team of researchers to bring this groundbreaking technology to the musician, in the form of a software instrument. BRASS is an extremely expressive, flexible and controllable instrument, and thus a fantastic alternative to loops or music libraries.

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  • Acclaimed trumpet and trombone models
  • Four-part multi-timbrality in Live mode ( V 2.0 )
  • Harmonization module to control the polyphonic multi-timbral instrument kits (60 kits) ( V 2.0 )
  • Customize instrument characteristics (musical style, attack,use static or dynamic mutes, humanize…)
  • New “brassing” effect used in trumpets and trombones (tightens up attacks) ( V 2.0 )
  • New organisation of MIDI controls allowing easier editing and better control (includes support for the Akai EWI) ( V 2.0 )
  • New set of presets, riffs and kits: 75 presets,160 riffs & 60 kits ( V 2.0 )
  • Place the instruments in a virtual stereo space with optional ambience reverberation.
  • Virtual instrument playable through a MIDI keyboard
  • Three physically modeled Brass instruments: Trumpet, Trombone and Saxophone
  • LIVE Mode with total control over expressiveness through extensive MIDI
  • RIFF Mode with more than 500 modifiable pre-recorded MIDI phrases in many different styles (Jazz, Funk, Latino, Reggae, Zouk, Salsa, R n Blues…)
  • Configuration of the instruments : 4 attack and 4 vibrato types, material, humanization
  • Import and export riff presets from and to MIDI files