Cwejman S1 MKII

The S1 is a semi-modular, analogue monophonic synthesizer. It is easy to get started with since it is pre-patched for optimal use of its sound producing possibilities and eliminates the need for external connections between modules during use. Each module can be disconnected and used separately, e.g. to control or be controlled by other instruments. This flexibility enables and simplifies experimentation with creation and reproduction of sound.

Some important features of the S1:

  • Three oscillators with seven basic waveforms
  • Ring modulator
  • Noise generator with two three noise shapes
  • Low pass filter with selectable 4 / 6 poles and quasi band pass mode
  • Multi mode filter with selectable 2 to 6 poles and three modes
  • Wide range envelope generators
  • Master amplifier with build-in overdrive stage
  • LFO with seven basic waveforms and wide rate range
  • Extensive modulation of, virtually, all synthesis parameters
  • Build-in MIDI to CV/gate converter with 16-bit resolution