EMES Kobalt

The EMES KOBALT is a new generation 2 way bi-amplified near field Monitor, specially designed to meet the best performance at a reasonable price point.
We are proud to offer most of the EMES HR line features in the KOBALTs too.

Finally we add two unique technologies to it -
The BI-Port™ and the ISO-Rails™.
The BI-Port™ was specially designed to keep the cabinet dimensions as small as possible, while supporting the High frequency section.

Therefore we integrate the 25mm Neodymium Tweeter In the Center of the BI-Port™ (Bass Reflex System) for two reasons;
To aim for an efficient Air cooling of the 'little tweeter' by the Woofers Air flow, secondly and most important to generate a 'velocity field (ring shape)' around the Tweeter to support it's High frequency dispersion pattern over long distance!(riding on along wave) Result - an unbelievable precise Stereo-Image.

Also the ISO-Rails™ are features which have practical aspects as well as acoustical once!

Most available cabinets have flat sheet surfaces, such speakers have hard times to stick on the location they were placed on, especially when they are pushed hard, manually or by the moving force of the Woofer!

Not such strange things happen to the KOBALTs! The cabinet is standing on the ISO-Rails™ - a special silicon profile - only. So there is no coupling to surface underneath nor is any 'slip' behaviour going on, so the low end is always tight at any time!

As always at EMES, matched high quality drivers are chosen, because to us they are the most critical part in a quality Studio Monitor System!

The Low range (66 - 2000Hz) is reproduced by a 14cm polypropylene Membrane HDS-driver. A 25mm high efficiency Neodymium Tweeter located in the BI-Port™ is used from 2 - 20 kHz!

We at EMES always use identical amplifiers, to have the lowest time related distortion possible! Therefore 2 identical build in 70W rms amplifiers which deliver a powerful and optimized output drive a single KOBALT Monitor. This is one of the many design criteria's to the EMES audio performance.

To adjust the monitor to your personal listening preferences, a 16 position dip-switch has been added to control listening levels and mid range behaviour!

We ship the KOBALTs as all other EMES monitors as matched pairs!