Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2

The original version of the Hybrid Synthesizer, Beatmatrix and sampler!


The Spectralis is the first groove-oriented Instrument, which combines the LIVE usability of the latest digital technology with the best elements of proven analog technology. There are many other cool features which give the synthesizer much more flexibility than anything seen before. While traditional Sequencers are limited to playing back rhythm patterns and tone sequences, the step Sequencer of the SPECTRALIS makes possible highly complex sound creations which opens up completely new worlds of sound when used in connection with the programmable FIXED FILTER BANK. In addition to its outstanding analog sound possibilities the SPECTRALIS also provides DSP based sound creation, which takes care of all the ancillary needs for drumsounds and polyphonic voices. This sound engine offers 32 stereo voices with multimode-filters, sample startpoint modulation and unisono modes for killer drum sounds, creamy pads and a lot of other goodies.